Marketing and Digital Services

Marketing Strategist. Social Media Consultant. Project Manager.

The Process

When engaging Kristi as a Marketing Communications and Digital Services expert, expect the following:

STAGE 1 – Planning
  • Review the business plan to create a marketing plan based on sales/income/strategic objectives
  • Thorough understanding of finances and budgets
  • Conduct and/or assess competitive research and reviews
  • Define target audiences and write psychographic profiles
  • Understand  compliance standards (American Disabilities Act, HIPPA, Kestra IS, etc.)
  • Propose strategic communications plan, obtain buy-in, project manage
  • Review existing database and assure fully utilized
  • Understand the talents of executives, staff, consultants, and more importantly, their availability
Stage 2 – Development, Production and Execution

Strategic enhancement of website

  • Update/create and optimize site content
  • Supervise new content and blog development, photography and graphic assets

Social media

  • Create an editorial calendar of strategic posts/email campaigns
  • Optimize (SEO) organization LinkedIn and individual profiles
  • Provide executive team, staff, and stakeholders a working knowledge of Social Media

Events and Media

  • Strategically conceptualized events (large and small)
  • Project manage logistics
  • Determine appropriate communications vehicle(s)
  • Capitalize on PR opportunities with a rapid analysis of ‘best angle’ based on objectives, followed by immediate execution
  • Identify and develop relationships with relevant media and journalists


  • Identify talent (outside and in-house)
  • Contract and supervise digital interactive agencies/resources
  • Work with SEO/Developer team to optimize website and social media platforms
  • Remain mindful of all stakeholders and their objectives
Stage 3 – Social Media Maintenance
  • Continually review Google Analytics and other available analytics
  • Tweak and modify plan continuously
  • Conduct post-review with entire team
  • Present and report to the executive team
Stage 4 – Repeat stages 1-3
  • Repeat the above – as objectives, opportunities and social media constantly change

Marketing Success Story

Read the Elevate Case Study and learn how Kristi helped Skin Cancer Consultants take their “Skincepts” practice to a whole new level.

Discover more about Kristi Kerr Leonard’s past and present endeavors.  Visit her LinkedIn

The Presenter

At the Texas Master Naturalist State Conferences, Kristi gives interactive presentations on how to reach and resonate with our earth’s future stewards with Social Media. It’s cleverly entitled “Smoke Signals: Reaching our Youth”, as smoke signals were the ‘social media’ of our Native Indians. Kristi also teaches basics of Social Media and how to develop an internet presence to individual chapters.  See below!


Watch the Power Point Presentation to see how Kristi built and executed the entire social media presence for “Native Plants and Prairies Day”. A 1,600 person event hosted by North Texas Master Naturalist. Click Here.

“Smoke Signals: Reaching our Youth”, as smoke signals were the ‘Social Media’ of our Native Indians. Taught at the Texas Master Naturalist State Conferences in Conroe and Corpus Christi, Texas.

“Case Study: Native Plants and Prairies Day”, recounting how the event planning committee built and executed entire social media presence for the 1,600-person event at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.  Also developed a class and presentation for the Texas Master Naturalists State Conferences in Conroe and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Current and Former Marketing and Social Media Clients:
Kristi and Todd Healy Principal and Founder at Texas Financial Partners
Todd Healy, Principal and Founder at Texas Financial Partners and Kristi Kerr Leonard, Marketing Director at Texas Financial Partners reviewing website content additions and LinkedIn posts.