Financial Management Services

Services For High Net Worth Families

  • Serve as trusted family advisor and work with the advisor team
  • Instigate team meetings to establish goals and objectives and follow through
  • Direct, coordinate and manage attorneys, CPAs and financial planners
  • Manage finances – short and long term
  • Follow family’s lead to donate per objectives for personal and business philanthropic giving
  • Follow up on philanthropic gifts and budgets
  • Track all giving for IRS reporting
  • Oversee large home or office remodeling and construction
  • Event fundraisers from Monica Selles to President Barack Obama
  • Cash flow management and liquid/non-liquid assets for large projects
  • Support first generation wealth’s objectives and educate second, third and forth generations and extended family members
  • Profit/loss and reporting
  • Work with a vast array of contractors and vendors
  • Meet with clients under tight availability amidst their travel and business obligations
  • Website and marketing for their related businesses (see marketing section)


Services for Small Businesses

  • Business restructuring consulting
  • Business plan and strategy consulting
  • Profit/loss tracking and financial guidance
  • Increase sales/customer service
  • Recruitment
  • HR Consultation
  • Cost analysis of publishing, COGS, ROI and recommendations
  • Large event budgets, ticket sales, logistics and final cost review for management team
  • Establish office procedures and policies, always keeping an eye on efficiencies
  • Website and marketing for their related businesses (see marketing section)
  • Manage four-month publishing deadline interfacing with author, Dallas County District Attorney, Federal Government officials and project investor.  Scheduled interviews and recordings.  Oversaw delivery of interim work product of writers, editors, designer, and photographers to meet deadlines.
  • Managed national and local publicists in launch strategy and writing press releases.
  • Identified, coordinated and secured required legal releases and contractual agreements from 26 individuals featured in the book.  Required interfacing with multiple agencies, individuals and law officials.


Past and current clients include: Dr. and Mrs. Thornwell Parker III • CD Wealth Management • Mr. Blake Estess Family  • Dr. Robert and Elizabeth Hughes Family • Estess Ventures • TESTED: How Twelve Wrongfully Accused Men Held Onto HopeThe Elisa Project • Rev. Dori Budd • Z Projects Inc. • BuzzFree® Prom


Kristi and Dr. Thornwell (Tripp) Parker III Mohs Skin Cancer Surgeon
Dr. Thornwell H. Parker III and Kristi Kerr Leonard reviewing 2017 financial statements.


Tested How Twelve Wrongly Imprisoned Men Held Onto Hope
TESTED: How Twelve Wrongly Imprisoned Men Held Onto Hope

Tested The Exonerees

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